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Hydraulic systems maintenance services"flushing"

Hydraulic systems maintenance services - "flushing"

Cleaning of hydraulic systems entails removing foreign particles such as metallic chips and other types of harmful contaminants, located in the piping system, usually in the return oil pipes due to the lack of pressure. This ensures reliable long-term operation of the system, extending the overall lifespan of its components.  Following cleaning of the system with our device, a particle count in the oil is conducted determining its condition and informing you about possible damages to the pump, using an automatic particle counter certified to be in compliance with ISO 4402.


We can provide you with a circuit purity certificate enabling you to claim the pump manufacturer’s warranty or the warranty of the component which runs your system.


Our cleaning device has multiple cleaning applications in hydraulic systems’ circuit oils, oil pans, etc., avoiding thereby chemical cleaning for reasons such as destruction of non-metal parts (oring, elastic hoses, sealants), damage of valves, corrosion of metal parts and reduction of their lifespan, contributing as well to the prevention of environmental pollution. Our device’s cleaning application is perfectly safe and  will not cause damages or malfunctions to the system. It is registered and patented worldwide.


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