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Spare parts and accessories sales

Spare parts and accessories sales

Our company offers an extensive range of high quality hydraulic supplies, superior quality pump and hydro motors spare parts and brand name components for high and low pressure hydraulic systems. These are new or reconditioned spare parts and components, while we also offer you the option of custom designed constructions according to your request. Our extensive inventory helps ensure availability and timely delivery as we maintain sufficient stocking levels of supreme quality spare parts in our expansive stockroom. A full inventory list follows below for your convenience:


1.    Winches 13.    Slewing rings
2.    Zollern winches 14.    Zollern gearboxes
3.    Siebenhaar winches 15.    Siebenhaar gearboxes
4.    Liebherr gearboxes 16.    Braden gearboxes*
5.    Hagglund Macgregor gearboxes** 17.    Liebherr gearboxes
6.    Braden gearboxes *
18.    Sauer Sunderstrand gearboxes
7.    Hamworthy gearboxes 19.    Lohmann + Stolterfoth geaboxes
8.    Sauer Sunderstrand gearboxes 20.    Stiebel gearboxes
9.    Stiebel gearboxes
21.    Hagglund MacGregor gearboxes**
10.    Zollern parts 22.    Hamworthy gearboxes
11.    Slewing gears 23.    Sheave/Hook block manufacture
12.    Brakes 24.    Bearings/Seals Wire ropes


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